👋 Hello, I'm Shaun Mackey

I’m a Senior Web Designer and Developer with over 15 years of experience driving the creative and production process for leading online brands. A proven leader in Agile, I’m committed to enhancing website usability, fostering robust relationships, and delivering hands-on team collaboration.

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Website Design & Development

Below are select samples of my work. Click an image to learn more about my responsibilites for each project.


Responsibilities: Develop CSS Framework

Leisure Time Passport

Responsibilities: Web App/Website Development

Inner Edge

Responsibilities: Website Development


Responsibilities: Website, Email Design & Development


Responsibilities: Website Development/Creative Services

Predictive Sales AI

Responsibilities: Web Application Development

Commercial Buildings Association

Responsibilities: Wireframing, Design & Development

Healthway Dealers Website

Responsibilities: Website Wireframing, Design & Development


Responsibilities: Website, Email Design


Responsibilities: Website Development & Administration

My Recipes

Responsibilities: iPad App Design

Leadership Research Institute

Responsibilities: Website Development

Joelle K Jay

Responsibilities: Website Development/Design